What is Dapp?

Dapp basically refers to a decentralized application that utilize the blockchain technology to function. For more explanation, continue reading.

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Decentralized Applications also know as Dapp in short refers to electronic applications that enable its users to perform transactions without having a specific someone or an organization to always have to approve and process the transaction on their behalf.

How is This Possible?

The concept of Dapp came into play with the discovery of blockchain technology.

As you may already know, a blockchain is a public ledger in which each transaction recorded to it, is linked together by cryptographic validation (also known as mining).

Who is Responsible For Keeping The Ledger Public?

The simple answer is, no one and everyone.

The records in a blockchain is stored in a node. A node on the other hand is a computer which its user have decided to install and run the Dapp (that is the decentralized application).

So you see, No one has the sole responsibility of keeping the records in the blockchain public because Everyone who is running the Dapp has that responsibility.

Who Perform The Cryptographic Validation?

Once again, the answer is, no one and everyone.

When someone or anyone have decided to install and run a Dapp in their computer, they will be given the option to join the anonymous community of people who are performing the cryptographic validation. This community is known has mining pool. And each person that have chosen to be performing the validation process is known as a miner.

So you see again, No one have the sole responsibility of performing the cryptographic validation because Everyone have the option to take up that responsibility.

Can You Trust Dapp

As I have pointed out earlier, No one have the sole control over a Dapp, for this reason decentralized applications (Dapp) is always open source.

This means that anyone and everyone can download the source code of a Dapp and scrutinize it to see if the Dapp actually is doing what its developer says it does and also see how the Dapp does it.

More to that is fact that once a Dapp have been launched, the developers cannot make a change to it in anyway, expect the users of the Dapp consent to the change.

Examples of Dapp

All cryptocurrencies are Dapp.


Dapp is the abbreviation of decentralized application. A decentralized application is an application that utilize the blockchain technology to function. You can trust them because they are open source and are immune to code manipulations expect on the event of the consent of its users.


Just because I said you can trust decentralized applications (Dapp) does not mean that I am endorsing anyone of them. Please make your own further research on any Dapp in intend to use. Do not use this post of mine as the sole reason for you deciding to use a Dapp.

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