Trading Is Not The Only Way To Make Money From Coinbase.

Apart from trading, there are at least 3 other ways by wish you can make money by using Coinbase. In this article, I explain those 3 ways.

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Because of the international scope and reach of Coinbase and also it’s trustworthiness, Coinbase is among virtually all recommended trading platform of cryptocurrencies articles you can find online. But is trading the only way you can earn cryptocurrencies from Coinbase? No.

Apart from trading, there at least 3 other ways you can make money from Coinbase, and with this article I intend to introduce you to all 3 of these ways.

FIRST WAY: Coinbase Referral Program

All Coinbase user can participate in this referral program, so there is not special requirement. Just register as a Coinbase user and you are in.

The Coinbase Referral Program gives both you and your referral $10 each if the person you refer join Coinbase and make a trade of at least $100 within 180 days after his registration. However in order to receive the referral commission, the referral have to trade using the platform and not the Coinbase Pro platform.

To get your referral link, visit Though the referral link found there is the link to only the Coinbase website homepage you can also link to other pages in the Coinbase website, all you need to do is to add ?r=Your_Referral_ID to the end of the page url. Let’s say you want to link to the Trade page or the Sign Up page of Coinbase and your referral ID if 12657 then the link will be or respectfully.

However there is a limit to what using this linking technique will work on. The limit is that you can only use this technique to link to content only on the website and not content of their subdomains. This means that this technique will not work if you use it to link to let’s say a content on or

To learn more about the Coinbase Referral Program and it’s limitations, click > HERE <

SECOND WAY: Coinbase Affiliate Program

Unlike the referral program that have a fixed amount you can earn per referral, your earning potential on the affiliate program is not fixed but rather is dependent on your affiliate trade volume.

Also, unlike the fact that every Coinbase user can participate in the Referral Program, with the Coinbase Affiliate Program you will need to apply for it and then wait for approval before you can participate in it. So what are your earning potential if your are approved to participate in the Coinbase Affiliate Program?

Your Earning Potentials

As a Coinbase Affiliate, you earn 50% off the fees Coinbase charge your referral for their trading activities for the first 3 months after they have signed up. This means that Coinbase is sharing the total fee income they generate from your referral in their first 3 months of trading with you in a ratio of 50:50, isn’t that just generous?

Coinbase Fee Structure

Coinbase charge about 2% when a user is trading between cryptocurrencies. Example when a user is trading Bitcoin for Litecoin or Ethereum for Bitcoin.

If the trade is from cryptocurrencies to flat currency or vice versa, (that is from USD to Bitcoin) the fee ranges from 0.5% – 3.9%.

For a more detailed explanation of the fee structure please click > HERE < If you want to learn more about the Coinbase Affiliate Program click > HERE <

THIRD WAY: Coinbase Earn Program

Among the many reasons why Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam founded Coinbase back in 2012, cryptocurrencies enlightenment is one of them.

So to spread the good news about cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is using their Earn Program to reward everyone who chooses to learn more about cryptocurrencies from them. The rewards varies depending on which cryptocurrency you choose to learn more about. As of now, the Coinbase Earn Program rewards is as follows:

  • $20 for learning about Dai
  • $50 for learning about EOS
  • $50 for learning about Stellar Lumens
  • $10 for learning about Basic Attention Token

The rewards are paid in the cryptocurrency you learnt. However the rewards will only be paid after you have answered correctly the quiz that comes after the lessons.

According to Coinbase, their Earn Program will not last forever, so you are encouraged to participate in it now, while the offer is still available. To learn more about the Earn Program, click > HERE <

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