The Unique Impression Concept Of A-ADS Explained

How you think A-ADS is calculating unique impressions might not be how they actually do. In this post, I explain this fact in details.

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When I signed up with A-ADS advertising as a publisher, I searched for ways to increase my earning with them. Out of all the tips I got, the one that was resounding was, if I am to earn more from A-ADS then the metric I should be working hard to increase is the unique impressions metric.

What Really Is Unique Impression?

In A-ADS, unique impression refers to the number of payable ads views. That is, the number of times an ads will generate money for you (the publisher) because your user viewed them.

How is Unique Impression Calculated?

For some time, I use to think that unique impression is calculated based on the number of ads in the A-ADS network.

How I Assume it Was Calculated.

For example: There are 5 adverts (ads) in the A-ADS network. If a user visit your site first and was shown these 5 ads, then it will be counted as 5 unique impression. Then if that say user visit my site and was shown the same ads, then it will not be counted as unique impression for me, since the user have already seen the ads in the last 24hours.

How it is Actually Calculated.

How wrong I was when I found this post title Counting Unique Impressions on the official blog of A-ADS. From the post, I came the realize that in A-ADS, unique impression isn’t counted based on the adverts in the A-ADS ads network, but based on the user.

What This Means

This means that A-ADS does not count the number of new ads shown to a user, what they actually count is, has this user seen any ads from us (A-ADS) in the past 24 hours? If yes, they no unique impression will be count for that user again in the next 24 hours from the time the user saw it’s first ads, even if the ads the user is being shown are new adverts that was just created.

Is This Good News or Bad News?

It would have been bad news if A-ADS is paying publishers per the number of unique impressions they were able to generate. But the good news is that is not how A-ADS pay publishers.

In A-ADS, publisher’s earning is calculated based on the Share of the network unique impression that you generate and not the absolute number.

For example, if today, there are only 100 unique impressions on the A-ADS network, and out of this 100 unique impressions you were able to generate 10, then A-ADS will not pay you based on the 10 unique impression you generate, rather what they will pay you (the publisher) is 10% from the total money they generation for that day.

Is this good news or not?

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