The Highest Paying Bitcoin Faucet Of All-time

I explain why I feel that is the highest paying Bitcoin Faucet in existence.

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I, like every Cryptocurrency beginner that started their Cryptocurrency journey by looking for a riskless way of earnings bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies and altcoins, have used faucets and surprisingly, I still do.

Why Be Interested In Faucets

Like I have mentioned in the introductory paragraph above, when you use a faucet, you will earn free cryptocurrencies without you having to invest in cryptos with your hard earned flat currency.

More to that is the fact that most website offers Bitcoin faucets as a compliment to the other service they provide. For example: MellowAds is an advertising network, yet they have a faucets so as to encourage people to use/text their ads service without having to pay for their trial ads campaign.

Also, which I am going to be talking extensively on also offer faucets as a compliment feature. Same with Cointiply, Bitkong, Bit Fun and others.

How Is Faucets Claim Rate Determined?

Unlike MellowAds faucet that have a fixed amount they give to their user, other faucets uses the current exchange rate of Bitcoin to US Dollar to determine how much of their bitcoins they will be giving to a user claiming from their faucets at any point in time.

This means that, if a faucet owner have decided to give out $1 in bitcoin every time a user claim from their faucet, when the exchange rate is $10,000 to 1Bitcoin then the user will be getting 0.0001 bitcoin every claim. If at the point the user wants to claim again and the price of 1 bitcoin have dropped to $6,800 then when the user claim, he will be receiving 0.00014705 bitcoin, and it the price later increase to let say $17,300 then the user will receive 0.00005780 bitcoin.

This means that regardless the current exchange rate, the amount of bitcoin that will be rewarded to a user will have a fixed US Dollar equivalent.

What Are Bitcoin Faucets Paying?

Having explained how most faucets determine their claim rate, in other to know which one pays high, we will be looking at the fixed dollar equivalent of 3 of the most popular bitcoin faucets. As of the time when this article is written, the exchange rate is $8,046.43 to 1 bitcoin.

As of this time, their base claim is 0.0000025 bitcoin every hour. This means that their dollar equivalent is $0.002

Bonus Bitcoin

As of this time, their base claim is 0.00000012 Bitcoin every 15 minutes. This means that if a user can claim from their faucet 4 times in one hour then the user will be getting 0.00000048 bitcoin every hour. Thus their dollar equivalent is $0.00386

Moon Bitcoin

As of this time, their base claim plus their 100% loyalty bonus is 0.00000016 every hour. This means that their fixed dollar equivalent is $0.00128

Which Bitcoin Faucet Is The Highest Paying?

Obviously you will choose Bonus Bitcoin as the highest paying bitcoin faucet followed by But before you make that conclusion, let me give some quick facts about these two faucets.

Quick Facts About Bonus Bitcoin

  • There is no way you will be able to claim 4 times in a hour from Bonus Faucet because when the timer runs out, you will have to solve a Captcha and sometimes, their pop-under ads might cause to page to be reload.
  • If you use their base claim, you will miss out of the opportunity to to get higher reward for Bonus Bitcoin owner promise that there is a probability of earn 0.0005 bitcoin every hour if you choose not to use their base claim rate.
  • If you decide not to use their base claim, there is 80% (according to my experience using this faucet) chance that your reward every 15 minutes will be lower than the base claim amount.
  • Also, claiming from Bonus Bitcoin is Internet Data Expensive compared to claiming from because of the amount of advertisement on their website.

Quick Facts About

  • There is literally little or no third party advertisement on their website.
  • You can claim from their faucet without having to solve Captcha, though there are some requirement(s) you will need to meet before they will give you that opportunity.
  • You can increase the base claim amount up to +1000%!!! By purchasing their faucet claim booster with your accumulated Reward Points which they give for free every time you make a claim or play their provably Hi-Lo game.
  • After every claim, you are also rewarded with Lottery Tickets which qualify you participate in their weekly lottery where you can win close to $1,000 in bitcoin at the end of the week.

After reading through this quick facts, which of these two faucet will you till choose as the highest paying bitcoin faucet? Technically, Bonus Bitcoin is, but to me, I prefer so I will say they are.

But It Is Only 3 Faucets That I Compared.

Yes that is true. This is because, from all the 1,001 different bitcoin faucets that I have claimed from, these 3 are the highest I have seen.

Do you know of any other one that is paying higher than these three I have mentioned? Then, please let us know by mentioning it via the comments below.

Please, this should not serve as opportunity to spam our comments with referral links to faucets that is not promising. So to prevent this, I will be preview all faucets you add via comments and any comment with faucet(s) that pays lesser than the ones I mentioned above will not be approved.

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