Generate Money From Your Cryptocurrency Website.

Making money from your cryptocurrency website is possible, but how? In this article I outline 6 major ways to monetize your website.

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Do you have a website? That’s great! But what is more cool is the fact that you can actually make money from your cryptocurrency website! Yes, you  read it right, making money from your own crypto website is not a myth, it is possible, and am going to explain the steps you need to take in a simple and understandable matter so that you will be able to implement it in your own site.

Making Money From Your Cryptocurrency Website Requires Hard Work

So yes, it is possible for you to make money from your website, but thinking that you will start making 6 figure income or more from your website without you putting much work into your website is like telling a child he does not need to study his books at home, that just by attending his classes he will be able to pass his promotional exams.

So if you want your crypto site to earn you money that will enable you to take care of your expenses and still have some to gift to others, then you need to Really Invest Your Time and other resources in making sure that your crypto site has valuable content that the majority of cryptocurrencies users will love to use or explore. Having made this point clear, it is now time for me to start explaining to you the various ways your cryptocurrency website can earn you income.

Income Generating Model Available To Crypto Website Owners

There are basically 6 ways to make money from your crypto related website, these are:

  1. Advertising Network
  2. Hosting Sponsored Content
  3. Providing Premium Content
  4. Selling Cryto Related Products
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Accept Donations

Advertising Network

Advertising Network or Ads network in short are companies that have a huge number of advertisers but there own website will not be able to display all the adverts their advertisers create, so they use the website of their users to display the ads from their advertisers, then they pay their users for allowing them to use their website for this purpose. There are a growing number of legitimate high paying cryptocurrency ads network that will be willing to display there advertisers adverts on your site, but below I list out 8.

8 Crypto Ads Network

Hosting Sponsored Content

If your crypto website is a blog or has a blog, then you can write to cryptocurrency companies letting them know that if they will like to review their company services or products on your website then you will be willing to publish it for a token fee, or you can even offer to write such review yourself for them for an even higher fee. Such paid reviews or promotion articles are what is known as Sponsored Content.

Will a crypto company be willing to pay you to have their review on your website? Of course they will, but if only your website have a good reputation and traffic stats. So just work hard to build a crypto website that is ranked below 100,000 by Alexa, and that have at least 10,000 daily unique users, and you will see how crypto companies will rush to honor your invitation.

Providing Premium Content

Do you think that there are some content such as tutorial, hacks and others in your website that is worth paying for? Then you can restrict/lock those content so that only users who have subscribed to your premium membership model can have access to them. If your website is built with WordPress, here are some plugins that will enable you to activate Premium Membership Model in your website

Selling Cryto Related Products.

Do you have cryptocurrency related products such as e-books, T-shirts, Shoes, Phone accessories? Your crypto website is the best place to exhibit and sell them. So rather than going to e-commerce marketplace such as Amazon and eBay to sell those items and have theses e-commerce marketplace service provider take part of your profit, just set-up the WooCommerce plugin in your WordPress site and start selling.

Affiliate Marketing

You do not have a crypto product or service of your own to sell? No worries, there are hundreds of other cryptocurrencies companies that is willing to pay you a commission for helping them sell their products or services. And where will be the best platform to use to sell those products and services from the companies you are affiliate to, Facebook? Twitter? They are good place, but the best place is your own website.

Accept Donations

Not to be overlooked is the fact that you can earn big from the donations from your users!

Do you know? Big companies such as Mozilla, Wikipedia, Lets Encrypt are paying the employees not because they are selling there services, but because of the donations they are receiving from their loyal users. So do not be shy to ask for aid. But note, you cannot be selling your services and still be asking for donations.

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