Fund Your Faucets Without Paying Faucethub Deposit Fee!

If you are tired of paying Faucethub 1.5% of your money just because you want to fund your faucet as deposit fee, then you need to read this post. Therein I will introduce you to a deposit intermediary which when used will give you the ability to escape paying the Faucethub Deposit Fee.

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I just learnt of a traffic exchange service which I will also like you to know about.

Wait! Wait! Wait!!

Don’t close this page in a hurry because I said I will like to introduce you to a traffic exchange website. I am telling about this traffic exchange not because I want you to become my referral, though if you are I will love it, but it is because this traffic exchange site is what will serve as a deposit intermediary between you and Faucethub so that you will be able to escape paying the huge 1.5% Faucethub Deposit Fee every time you want to fund your faucet balance.

Who Is The Traffic Exchange Service Provider?

The traffic exchange service provider I am talking about is Pro Traffic.

How Will They Help Escape Faucethub Deposit Fee?

When you deposit bitcoin into your Pro Traffic account after you have signed up with them, they will not charge you a fee for your deposit.

When you withdraw your balance to your Faucethub account, Pro Traffic will not charge you a fee neither will Faucethub.

Faucethub will not charge you a fee because they will see the transition as one Faucethub user (Pro Traffic) tipping another Faucethub user (you). By so doing, you have succeeded in escaping the 1.5% fee Faucethub impose on all external deposits.

What Are The Cons?

For now, I can only think of 2 cons when you decide to use this trick I just showed you.

The 1st Cons

Pro Traffic only accept bitcoin deposits. So if your faucet currency is not bitcoin and the fund you want to transfer is not bitcoin then you will not be able to to use this traffic exchange site. But if the funds you are depositing is in bitcoin, then you can use Pro Traffic to escape the deposit fee and then use the Faucethub exchange service to buy the necessary amount of cryptocurrency that you will be needing to funds your faucet(s). So I might not really say this is a cons, but it is worth mentioning.

The 2nd Cons

The second cons about this traffic exchange is that after you have made a deposit to them and it has reflected in your account balance, your request to have your balance transferred to your Faucethub account will only be processed on Mondays.

This means that if your faucet funds run dry let’s say on Wednesday, you will have to wait till next week Monday before you can refund it.

This scenario can however be avoided by making sure that your faucet(s) have enough fund to run for a whole week. You can also use the Payout Limit feature in your Faucethub faucet manager setting to limit the total amount your faucet(s) will be giving out every 6 hours.

The Pros

By using Pro Traffic as your deposit intermediary, you will enjoy the following benefits.

No More -1.5% From Your Deposits

Like I have already mentioned, when you use this method to deposit funds to your Faucethub account, Faucethub will not charge you any deposits fee, in fact they might also consider your deposit as coming from a claim reward from another faucet.

Free Traffic To Your Faucets

As an incentive to use their traffic exchange service, Pro Traffic will give +10% for your deposit that is above 40,000 Satoshi.

Although this extra 10% cannot be withdrawn, you can use it to buy traffic to your faucets or any other site of your choice thereby increasing your faucet awareness.

Free 30 Satoshi Daily

Apart from the 10% incentive on deposit the Pro Traffic gives, they also give out free 30 Satoshi everyday just for coming back to their site. And the good news is, you will receive this reward without solving Captcha.

So are you still contemplating about using Pro Traffic? Just try it out and see for yourself.

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