Buy Domains and Web Hosting Using Bitcoin.

In this post I not only list out several domain registrar and web host that accepts bitcoin as among their payment options, I also explain what they are.

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Have you ever thought of taking your business online? Or perhaps you have a service you offer and you want virtually everyone with an internet connection to know about it or to even use it. In any case, the first thing you will need is called a Website Domain.

What is a Domain?

Simply put, a website domain (or domain in short) is the address which an internet user need in order for them to be able to access all the content a website owner have has granted them the privilege to have access to. A domain is popularly known also as website address, link, or url. Let’s use an example.

If you look up to the address bar section of your browser now, you will see

buy-domains-and-web-hosting-using-bitciloin is a content (webpage) on this website where I explain what a domain is, if you really need a domain, outline several domain registrar and web host you can buy a domain and hosting plan from and pay in bitcoin, and what web host is. To locate/see this content however, you will need to first locate my website on the internet.

To locate my website, you will need my website domain (address, link or url) which is

Do I Really Need a Domain?

Not necessarily. This is what I mean.

Every computer that is used to make a website accessible via the Internet (also known as web server or web host) is identified o the internet with an IP Address. If your website is the only website on that computer (web server) then any internet user that type in that IP Address will be taken straight to your website, but if your website is not the only website on the web server, then you need a domain so that the web server can know precisely which website content to display to the visiting internet user.

In other words, what am trying to say is that, Website on a Dedicated Web Server do not necessarily needs a domain, but Website on a shared Web Server Definitely needs a domain. Nevertheless, internet users remember domain easily than IP Address.

How To Get A Domain.

The administrator of domains is The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) so technically speaking all domains are issued by them. Nevertheless, you and I cannot go directly to ICANN and ask them to give us a domain, so we need an intermediary known as Domain Registrar. It is from these registrars that we can get domains from for a fee.

The lists below holds and names of some domain registrar and web host from which you can get domains from and pay with bitcoin.

Domain Registrar and Web Host That Accept Bitcoin Payment

  • NameCheap
  • Hostinger
  • Web4Africa
  • PorkBun
  • HawkHost
  • BitDomain
  • HostSailor
  • Namesilo
  • Gandi
  • HostWinds
  • Shinjiru
  • Host1Plus

Now that we have seen the different domain registrar and web host that accept bitcoin (cryptocurrency) as part of their payment option, let me now explain what a web host is.

Web Host Explained.

Now that you have had a website developer create a site for you, and you have now bought a domain (or probably not since you are still reading this post) what you need next is a web host. What is this?

A Web Host is any computer that is configured to display the content (web page) of your website to an internet user visiting your domain.

The companies I listed above which allows you to buy domain from them and pay using bitcoin also provides web hosting services. So you can buy your domain and web hosting service from one company although you can buy your domain from one and host your website on another if you wish.

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