Binance Is Sharing $100,000 To It’s Traders To Start 2020!

To celebrate the seasons and the lunch of ARPA Mainnet, Binance is sharing $100,00 in ARPA among it’s users. If you will like to receive your share then continue reading.

Yes you hear it right. Starting January 1st, 2020 through the 8th of January 2020, Binance -the world leading cryptocurrency trading platform- will be sharing the total of $100,000 to 201 of it’s traders who participated in the ARPA Trade competition.

Seeing that this trade competition has an high volume of winners (201) you and I can easily be one. So are still contemplating on starting cryptocurrency trading? Or you have started but you are not yet using Binance as your trading platform. Now is the time to make the switch. Mainwhile, Below I outline what you need in order to qualify as a winner!

How To Qualify.

As I mentioned above, this competition hosted by Binance is a Cryptocurrency Trading competition. So to qualify to for the competition you need to trade.

Binance is using this giveaway competition to celebrate the seasons and also the launch of ARPA’s mainnet, so the cryptocurrencies pairs you will need to trade so that you will qualify are ARPA/BNB, ARPA/BTC, or ARPA/USDT. If you trade another cryptocurrency pair, like BTC/ETH or BTC/USDT then you will not qualify.

1 Trader Wins $40,000 In ARPA or a Tesla Cybertruck Cars!

The Winner of this ARPA competition, that is, the person that has the highest trade volume by the end of the competition -which is 8th January 2020 at 0:00 AM (UTC)- will win $40,000! Paid to him or her via ARPA.

Or, if the winner want, s/he can opt to have Binance purchase a car (Tesla Cybertruck) for them instead. But if the winner opt-in for this option, it is the winner that will take care to the taxes and shipping fees for the car.

200 Winner Share the Remaining $60,000!

Rather than use a leaderboard system to distribute the remaining $60,000 among the remaining 200 winners, Binance will enter everyone else that participated in the competition and was able to trade the volume of 350,000 ARPA or more during the competition period into a draw, and then randomly select the 200 Lucky Winners from the pool.

Each of this 200 winners will be rewarded equally with $300! in ARPA Tokens.

This pool method that Binance chose rather than leaderboard method means that you do not have to trade ARPA throughout the competition period, except of course if you are aiming for the first prize. But if you are not aiming for the 1st prize, when the competition begins, just make an accumulated trade volume of at least 350,000 ARPA and you are done. There is nothing like, the more you trade, the better your chance of winning.

More good news is that both your Sell Orders and your Buy Orders are counted towards meeting the 350,000 ARPA trade volume target. In another words, if in your first order, you buy 175,000 ARPA, and in your next order you sell the 175,000 ARPA, you have automatically qualified for the fair draw, so you really do not need to trade ARPA if you do not want to anymore.

Will The Draw Be Fair?

Speaking on the subject, Binance said in their announcement post and I quote “To ensure fairness and transparency of the draw, we will broadcast the lucky draw live on multiple social media platforms. The live draw time will be announced at a later date.” So you do not need to be afraid.

Not Only The Winners Benefits.

If you join Binance now, that is if you register as a new user at Binance using the registration link below, before the ARPA Competition ends on the 8th of January 2020, you will enjoy 10% Discount from your trading fees at Binance for Life!

Wait, let me not over do it, Binance said: “as long as the Binance referral program is in place.”

This means that instead of paying 0.1% as trading fee if your 30 days trading volume is below 50BTC, you will be paying 0.09%! Isn’t year 2020 amazing? To me it is. Just click on the Join Binance button below to enjoy.

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