Auto Faucets and Regular Faucets Which Is Better?

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, there are two type of faucets you can earn from, these are Regular Faucets and Auto Faucets. Which should you use? Follow along as I walk you through their disadvantages.

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As you may have already known, trading may be the quickest way to earn big in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, but trading the the only way. Claiming from faucets can also give you high return!

For example, as of the time am writing this post, our faucets payout $0.0005 or $0.001 every 5 minutes to it’s users. Other faucets also pay high. Like gives you a chance to earn between $0.002 – $200 in bitcoin every hour, also Cointiply pays out between $0.0014 – $0.03 to it’s users in either bitcoin or dogecoin. So you see, you can earn big from faucets if you are persistent.

What are Regular Faucets

Regular Faucets are websites or applications that reward you with a whole or fraction of a cryptocurrency for simply solving captcha.

Most of them generate revenue from display ads, sponsored shortlink, pop-up and pop-under ads, while others uses faucets to attract cryptocurrency users to the main service they provide in their website.

The Disadvantage Of Regular Faucets

The main thing that is discouraging many from using regular faucets however is the fact that they are always required to go through the process of passing the faucets antibot protection system over and over again every time they want to make a claim. Like the name implies, the protection system prevent the faucet owners from losing their money to robots, but to the Real Human using the faucet, it can be annoying and frustrating. But there is good news.

Introducing Auto Faucets

The good news is Auto Faucets! Unlike regular faucet, with auto faucets all you need is to pass the antibot protection system once, and then every time the timer ⏲️ for your next claim runs out, you get paid!

More good news is with auto faucets is that you get paid even if you are not viewing the tab that you opened the auto faucet on. This means that you can open the auto faucet in one tab and then move over to another tab to watch your favorite YouTube view, read an e-book or even play a game, you will still get paid provided that the auto faucet tab is left open and your internet connection is still working!

More good news about auto faucet is the fact that most auto faucet reward you in multiple coin. That is, with auto faucet, you are not restricted to earning just one coin, you can earn multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time from just one auto faucet.

The Downside of Auto Faucets

The only downside of auto faucets I can think of now is the fact that their rewards is relatively lower compared to regular faucets. But to me that isn’t a big deal when you have to compare it to solving difficult captcha which at the end you might end up having to resolve again and again especially if your IP is a proxy IP.

So tell us via comments, what do you think. Auto Faucets and Regular Faucets Which Is Better?

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