At Pdfaucet, we believe that every single individual have the right to earn and own a crypto currency of their choice, thus we have created some Faucet(s) so as to enable YOU our dear users earn a crypto currency of choice FREE!!! The solving of reCaptcha is for us to be certain that we are not giving out our coins to bot or even spammers, but to real crypto currency enthusiast.

In order to earn free crypto currence from our faucet though you need to comply with some simple rules of our faucet.

Before we go into the rules, here are the list of crypto currency you can earn for free with us. Click on the Coin Image to open the faucet and start earning!!!

Our Faucet Rules

  1. Claiming from our Faucet(s) using VPN, Tor Browser and other anonymous browsing tool is strictly prohibiated.
  2. Self-referral is highly prohibiated.
  3. The use of multiple cryptocurrency address beloning to one user in claiming from our faucet(s) is not allowed.
  4. The use of bot in claim from our faucet(s) is not acceptable by us.
  5. Any attempt to hack our faucet will be taken up ligally.